Meet Bluno

Let me introduce myself and our show in 30 seconds.

I'm Bluno, the host and inventor of Stage Fright. Our app is especially for kids from 2–6, but it’s actually fun for the whole family. Watch the intro film or scroll down for all the info you need and to meet our monsters.

Don't miss Stage Fright because ...

the songs are true hits!

... the songs
are true hits!

High-quality, original songwriting and production values will have kids AND adults singing along in enjoyment. Trust us. Each stage, together with the song lyrics, opens a unique world – and the monsters are a great topic for the whole family.

the songs are true hits!

... each tap is
an adventure!

There are countless unique tap actions waiting to be discovered on 10 different stages. Kids get to create falling stars, pop balloons, paint, and much more while experiencing the power of music in a great new way.

the songs are true hits!

... it's full of
educational value!

Whether they're unbelievably tall, like eating hairdryers, or have a sibling, the monsters show in a fun and humorous way that it's great to be unique. Their positive spirit is an encouragement to children – and everyone who steps on stage is a winner.


Meet our talented monsters

Out of hundreds of contestants, ten monsters have made it to the final stage of Stage Fright Season 1.

In their songs, they each share something about themselves – and, of course, all are incredible singers.

  • Krakira
  • Lee
  • Harrison
  • Dragana
  • Rufus
  • Spikey
  • Blinky
  • Lela
  • Biggie
  • Snacky
  • Krakira

    She’s all over the place and all under water. Krakira’s stage is very different from the others. Everything swims and moves and she has a lot of interesting water-monster friends. Her song is called "Tangled Up." Guess why.

  • Lee

    He has a friend on the moon and sings goodnight. Lee is not tall, but lives in a large castle named Telihold. Since he gets up when everybody else goes to sleep, he has become a bedtime specialist. He also doesn’t like sunshine.

  • Harryson

    This fellow stems from England and actually lives in London. It’s no surprise that one of the finalists of the show is from the island where modern music was born. He represents his heritage to the fullest, and loves bowler hats and boats.

  • Dragana

    What would you do if you accidentally spit fire all the time? This young lady has a very rare problem, but she's found a fantastic way to fight it. She eats more ice cream than anyone can imagine, sings great, and has managed to not burn her stage down – yet.

  • Rufus

    He's the ultimate Halloween fan, as it’s the day he feels normal. Rufus is the oldest of all our contestants, and has been practicing his singing for at least 300 years. You really can’t tell though. He's a bundle of joy and the total party starter.

  • Spike

    He's pretty happy for someone with such a hard-luck story. Some things just aren’t meant to be, but Spike isn't one to give up. When you look like him, your favorite object should probably be anything but balloons. And yet … his stage is full of them.

  • Blinky

    Think crazy painter mixed with rockstar and a lot of energy. Each of our stages has some special flavor to it, and in this case here that means anyone playing our app is able to become a painter while hearing Blinky go wild.

  • Ley&La

    Your rarely find team that works together like them. They're sisters, they can fly, they go through everything siblings go through – and yet they get along perfectly. They are one, and it makes them wonderful.

  • Biggie

    There's no other way of saying it ... this guy is HUGE. It's rare to meet someone is as tall and gentle as Biggie. You can only look up to someone who's dealt with being so different from everyone else by taking the high road.

  • Snacky

    Hold on to your belongings or they will be eaten. We don't want to call Snacky a problem, but let’s just say it’s not easy to build an app when you have a very talented singer that can’t help but eat all the stage parts. He is learning, though.


Now available as an App and album

Get the Stage Fright app and don’t forget to check out the album with full studio versions of each song from Season 1.

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Let's get creative

Just like Stage Fright, most ideas start with a sketch and the desire to try and make things. These templates are made for kids to get active and color our monsters any way they like. Just print them, get some crayons and go.

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